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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Autumn's Glow

A poem I wrote a few years back. Enjoy!

Morning sings on the scrub jay’s wings
Autumn glows in leaves of gold
Time condensed
New urgency sensed
Squirrels store their precious bounty
Season’s hearth fires crackle
Marshmallows are roasted
Frozen noses peek out under woolen caps
On the eve of hibernation
Morning mist casts its net across us
And we reflect

We yawn
We rest
We gather for our fest
We eat
We drink
We are merry as we meet

Remembrance sweet and poignant
Fills our minds, our hearts, our days
Our nights are spent ’neath comforters
Bundled for the chill encroaching
Heartbeats heard more easily
The bustle in slow motion

A soft smile
A gentle glance
A simple touch
Another chance

© 2007 Stifyn Emrys

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