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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Follow Reviews of 'Identity Break' on CLP Blog Tours Through May 27

I'm off on my first book blog tour over the next couple of weeks, and I'm eager to see what everyone thinks of my action-adventure novel "Identity Break." If you have a chance, please stop by one or all of the tour stops and check out what people have to say.

"What's a book blog tour?" you ask.

It's a modern innovation that allows indie authors such as myself to put our books on the hot seat for various reviewers, who give their objective opinions about the stories. Some are editors, but the vast majority are people who just love books. That's what makes it exciting when you get a good review: It's from one of the people you're trying to reach: readers.

The tour also includes book excerpts; my answers to interview questions; and my own guest posts providing insight into my writing process and the story behind "Identity Break." I even have a couple of guest posts from the two main characters' perspectives. The entire experience is new to me. My wife has done this more than once, and the tour facilitator I'm using - CLP Blog Tours - has been very professional and gracious about the entire experience.

In conjunction with my blog tour, I'm giving away Kindle versions of "Artifice" - my novella in the same series - all this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, May 18-19). That will give you a taste of what you'll read about in "Identity Break" and, hopefully, whet your appetite for more. 

If you want to follow my blog tour as it progresses, just click the CLP site for "Identity Break" or keep track using the list below. Crossing my fingers and holding my breath with anticipation to see what the reviewers will be saying.

May 14 – The Book Fetish Blog – Review

May 15 – Blooding Book Reviews – Q&A

May 15 – Ruby’s Books – Review & Guest Post

May 16 – Lavender & Camomile Press – Q&A

May 17 – Storm Goddess Book Reviews – Review & Guest Post

May 17 - Escape Into a Book - Review & Guest Post

May 20 – eBook Addict – Guest Post

May 21- The Phantom Paragrapher – Review & Guest Post

May 22- Chick Lit Plus – Review

May 23 – Every Free Chance Book Reviews – Review

May 24- Samantha March – Q&A & Excerpt

May 27- eBook Addict – Q&A


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